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Crushed Concrete in Woking | How Bidder Grab Hire Minimises Environmental Impact

As an environmentally conscious company, Bidder Grab Hire does everything we can to help minimise the environmental effects of construction. There are various ways we do this through our grab lorry and aggregate services, such as recycling as much waste as possible and minimising the number of trips needed for muck away. We even produce our own crushed concrete and top soil for delivery in Woking, Guildford and the surrounding areas.

Whether you need efficient waste removal or reliable top soil delivery, we provide high-quality services with an eco-friendly approach.

The following are some of the main ways we minimise the environmental impact of your project in Woking:

Fewer Carbon Emissions

With our grab lorry and aggregate production and delivery services, we minimise carbon emissions. We do this in several ways, such as:

Fewer Trips

With grab lorries, we can remove large amounts of waste in one go. This means muck away and waste removal require less trips to and from your site in Woking.

In addition, we can use the same grab lorry for aggregate deliveries and waste removal, undertaking these services at the same time. This further reduces the number of trips our lorries need to make.

Conserving Resources

At Bidder Grab Hire, we produce our own crushed concrete and top soil from recycled materials. This helps reduce carbon emissions by not aiding the demand for new materials. As such, we conserve resources and minimise emissions from manufacturing processes.

Furthermore, because we provide concrete and top soil delivery in the local Woking area, we minimise emissions from transport, because your materials do not need to travel as far.

Recycling & Landfill

One of the main ways we reduce the environmental impact of your construction project is by recycling as much waste material as possible from muck away and clearance jobs. Bidder Grab Hire recycles up to 90% of waste from each load we collect in Woking and the surrounding areas, minimising the amount of rubbish from your site that ends up in landfill.

We even recycle materials at our yard in Guildford, producing high-quality crushed concrete and top soil certified to British Standards BS3882:2007. We then supply these recycled materials to local customers using a grab lorry.

Recycled Aggregates

Using recycled aggregates is an ideal way to support eco-friendly construction. These materials offer the same high level of quality and performance as new aggregates, but with fewer negative environmental effects. This is especially true when you choose our grab hire services for local top soil delivery and recycled concrete in Woking.

Contact us today on 01483 901443 or 07737 107473 for environmentally conscious muck away and grab hire services, including crushed concrete delivery in the Woking area.

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