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Grab Lorry in Camberley | Why Grab Hire is Better Than Skip Hire

While skips are handy for certain projects, they come with additional hassle, such as permits and finding a place to put the skip. Grab hire on the other hand is a stress-free process that collects and removes waste the same day. It also provides the opportunity for efficient delivery of crushed concrete and other aggregates. Whether you need muck away, waste removal and top soil delivery, or other site clearance services, we offer ideal solutions. Find out why grab lorry hire is the best choice for your project in Camberley, Guildford or the surrounding areas.

The following are some of the key reasons why you should choose grab hire for your domestic or commercial project:


Unlike skips, you don’t need a permit for grab services in Camberley. This means you don’t have to worry about applying to the local council and waiting for a permit. This also means you don’t have to pay for a permit, saving you money.

Manual Labour

One of the main issues with skips is that they require you to manually load materials and waste. As well as taking a lot of time, manual lifting poses a safety risk because you or your employees can easily become injured when lifting heavy items.

Because a grab lorry has a hydraulic arm that we use for lifting and loading waste, there is no need for manual labour. This helps maximise safety on your site in Camberley and prevents you wasting time loading a skip, which improves productivity.

An added bonus of grab services is that Bidder Grab Hire can provide top soil delivery and crushed concrete without the need for manual unloading.


Grab hire is the most efficient option for a range of jobs, including muck away and site clearance. We offer a fast turnaround time for waste removal, often loading and removing waste within 30 minutes. Consequently, unlike with skip hire, we clear your Camberley site the same day with no waiting around for collection.

In addition, our grab vehicles can hold the equivalent of 2 builders skips, meaning it takes fewer truckloads to remove the same amount of waste.

Our grab services further maximise efficiency by providing top soil delivery and supply of crushed concrete at the same time as waste collection. We use a grab lorry to deliver materials before using the same vehicle for muck away. This results in convenient solutions which require less organisation and hassle than skip hire.


When you hire a skip, you must find somewhere to put it. This can present numerous issues, for example, if you have a small site a skip can easily get in the way and limit manoeuvrability. Or you may have to place the skip on the road, which requires permission and permits from the council.

However, grab hire does not take up any space on your site in Camberley. You simply place materials for collection in a convenient place and we use the versatile grab arm to load waste. With a grab lorry, we solve a range of access issues because we can reach into small sites and awkward areas as well as over obstacles, such as walls.

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